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Nutraceutical Liquid Orals
Liquid Orals we offer are the homogeneous preparations, made from several active ingredients. These ayurvedic liquid suspensions are prescribed for oral administration. Offered drugs are useful to treat the low calcium levels, weak bones and many maladies.
     Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Sachets
Offered range of Sachets are the medicinal drugs, provided in different quantities. They are useful for the cleaning of stomach and other purposes. Also, these medicates are safe for women as well as other adults.
Pharmaceutical Tablets
Offered Tablets are the pharmaceutical tablets, which are functional as the combination medicines, needed to relieve swelling & pain of the body, made by different diseases. Take them under the prescription of doctor so as to treat pain of muscles & joints.
Creams & Ointments
Creams & Ointments offered at us are the medicinal creams, used topically for the speedy treatment of both fungal as well as bacterial infections, occurring on the skin.
Dry Syrups
Dry Syrups are the medicines, prescribed for the suppression of dry and coughs. They are recommended for short term control of cold and coughing, caused by inhaled irritants.
Pharma Franchise Product
The range of Pharma Franchise Products includes several syrups of high effectiveness and ensure speedy recovery. These are demanded in hospitals, clinics, chemist shops etc. Basically, these are needed to treat anemia and the formation of new cells.
Cosmetic Product
Offered range of Cosmetic Products includes gels and creams, used on the skin. These are beneficial for making the skin healthy, clean and soft. A regular use of these can remove all impurities from the skin.
Veterinary Product
Veterinary Products we provide are useful for diagnosing as well as the animals. They are not only used for the treatment of animal diseases but also assist to prevent their transmission to human beings.
Ayurvedic Pain Oil

The Ayurvedic Pain Oil is perfect for fitness fanatics. This is a perfect solution that can deal with body pain, pregnancy and minosr sports injury. The oil beings relief in the muscle stiffness and muscle soreness.

Ayurvedic Liver Tonic

The Ayurvedic Liver Tonic is needed to protect the liver and boost the functions. These tonics are functional as the appetizer that can boost the appetite. These can cure the alcohol induced liver damage and provide relief from the oxidative stress. The tonic is known to boost the liver cell integrity.

Ayurvedic Product

The Ayurvedic Products we deal in can be used in several types of ayurvedic practices. They are required to keep a tandem with health, improve flexibility, reduced stress and offer good strength as well as stamina. These are helpful in the conditions of asthma, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Pharmaceutical Sachet

The Pharmaceutical Sachets we offer have been custom engineered with high oxygen as well as moisture barrier properties. They are required to protect a wide variety of products and have high utility in the pharmaceutical as well as medical markets.

Softgel Capsule

The Softgel Capsules are the multivitamin products, which are utilized to prevent and medicate the vitamin deficiency caused by certain illnesses and poor diet. These are functional as the advanced building blocks of the body, which let the users stay in a good health.

Pharmaceutical Syrup

The Pharmaceutical Syrups are the concentrated solutions of sugar blended in water as well as other aqueous fluid. These are functional as the saturated solutions included with lot of medicinal substances.

Protein Powder

Protein powders are the quick ways to make the bodily skin moisturized, nourished and satisfied. They can be consumed by the people who have to provide a good sports performance, overall wellness and build the muscle mass.

Hair Shampoo

The Hair Shampoo we offer are suitable for the dry hairs. These can remove the dryness effectively and give nourishment to the soft strands. They must be used well for several conditions.

Pharmaceutical Injections

The Pharmaceutical Injections are required to deliver liquid medications, nutrients and fluids into the person’s body. These can be used by several healthcare professional for the administration of vaccines as well as other types of medications into the person's muscle, skin, bones and vein.

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