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Nutraceutical Liquid Orals
Liquid Orals we offer are the homogeneous preparations, made from several active ingredients. These ayurvedic liquid suspensions are prescribed for oral administration. Offered drugs are useful to treat the low calcium levels, weak bones and many maladies.
     Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Sachets
Offered range of Sachets are the medicinal drugs, provided in different quantities. They are useful for the cleaning of stomach and other purposes. Also, these medicates are safe for women as well as other adults.
Pharmaceutical Capsules
Offered Capsules are the pharmaceutical supplements, used for curing low carbon levels, bacterial infections and treating as well preventing other diseases. Doctor prescribe them in the condition of vitamin deficiency as well.
Pharmaceutical Tablets
Offered Tablets are the pharmaceutical tablets, which are functional as the combination medicines, needed to relieve swelling & pain of the body, made by different diseases. Take them under the prescription of doctor so as to treat pain of muscles & joints.
Creams & Ointments
Creams & Ointments offered at us are the medicinal creams, used topically for the speedy treatment of both fungal as well as bacterial infections, occurring on the skin.
Dry Syrups
Dry Syrups are the medicines, prescribed for the suppression of dry and coughs. They are recommended for short term control of cold and coughing, caused by inhaled irritants.
Pharma Franchise Product
The range of Pharma Franchise Products includes several syrups of high effectiveness and ensure speedy recovery. These are demanded in hospitals, clinics, chemist shops etc. Basically, these are needed to treat anemia and the formation of new cells.
Cosmetic Product
Offered range of Cosmetic Products includes gels and creams, used on the skin. These are beneficial for making the skin healthy, clean and soft. A regular use of these can remove all impurities from the skin.
Veterinary Product
Veterinary Products we provide are useful for diagnosing as well as the animals. They are not only used for the treatment of animal diseases but also assist to prevent their transmission to human beings.

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